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Transportation of lumber


Transportation of lumber




Logistics & materials


01 Aug 2019

Extended till:


Interest rate:

21.10% per annum

Loan period:

3 months

Funding target:

€ 150 000

Still need:

€ 0


€ 150 000


7 % fee

Risk level:


Collateral agent:

Monethera GROUP OÜ


Pledged commercial assets and personal guarantees of the director

Repayment schedule:

Monthly on the 1st day of each month

Transportation is an inherently crucial factor in supporting economic activities as well as providing opportunities for economic development. Particularly, the provision of transport infrastructure is a common priority in capital investment.

Logistics investments, besides, to improve transport capacity and efficiency, tend to be the most effective when they increase the level of supply-chain integration where the interests of actors, such as shipping companies, terminal operators, and trucking companies, are aligned.

About the company

SIA "SL BŪVE" operates in the market of logistics for more than 15 years and during this period of time established a trusting relationship with many companies around the world, especially in Europe and Asia. The company focuses on large-scale cargo transportation and is an active player in an international logistics market. Work with heavy lift and cargo handling, full and part vessel chartering, project-related container shipments, project supervision, and coordination, cargo loading and discharging supervision, port, road, and equipment surveys and feasibility studies.

SIA "SL BŪVE" has extensive knowledge and proven track record in assisting clients to set up procedures that ensure cargo is compliant when it arrives at the destination. Being well informed about the current situation in the market and after calculating all expenses and possible risks SIA "SL BŪVE" signed contracts for two years with entities in Belarus and China. The market of lumber supplier is very wide, moreover, it's very hard to find a reliable partner. The contemporary world dictates its rules. The competition is very tough but when you find the right contractor and advantageous contract you will become a winner. We, at Monethera, are strongly convinced that it's this case.

The headquarter of the company is situated in Riga, Latvia, in the old town. The team consists of 6 logistic specialists and a manager in chief. SIA "SL BŪVE" operates worldwide and has direct contracts with European and international companies. Our reputation in the market of logistics proven with the years gives confidence in the success of the project and correct market research realized by the SIA "SL BŪVE" team. Our company has shown the ability to create a tailor-made solution for each type of project, handled economically, safely, carefully, on-time and with a personal touch.

Summary / Project description

Industry: logistics

SIA "SL BŪVE" buys high-quality lumber in Belarus and sells the wood to the companies situated in China.

SIA "SL BŪVE" realizes all the transportation and other required actions to finish the operation successfully.

The profit of the project is calculated regarding the difference in the prices of raw material in Belarus and China. This project guarantees high profitability, short time-limits for the realization and liquidity.

If you want to diversify your investment portfolio and receive your money back rapidly we offer you an optimal option. Current investment opportunity offers to the investors to make a loan with a 21% annual interest rate.

The agreed amount of lumber (according to the signed contracts) to sell/buy 700m3

The purchase cost of lumber is 180 EUR/m3

The total price of 700m3 is 126.000 EUR.

The price to sell the raw material in China is 270 EUR/m3

The full amount of money is 189.000 EUR.

Additional expenses

Logistics expenses

Truck transportation of lumber from Belarus to the port of Riga costs 700 EUR/Truck/41m3

17 trucks = 11900 EUR

Revenue broker

Revenue broker fee 1,80% is 3402 EUR. Each transportation will require payment of 14 shipping containers. The cost of 1 container is 435 EUR.

The total cost of 14 shipping containers if 6090 EUR

The cost

The cost of a warehouse and loading in port is based on a price of 7 EUR/m3

The total amount is 4900 EUR
SBLC 1% = 1890 EUR

A salary to pay

A salary to pay to logistics managers is 3000 EUR, an additional amount of tax to pay is 1295 EUR.

The total amount (including all taxes) is 4295 EUR.

It is also worth noting, that when taking into account the moisture content of raw materials, the size can vary in +/- 10%.

Under ideal circumstances, the time of one complete transaction, including transportation and unloading, takes 2 months.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned possible force majeure an amount of interest of EUR 7875 is added to expenses (3 months).

Net profit of the company will be ~ 22600 EUR.

Why SIA "SL BŪVE" os looking for funding?


The funding target is 150000 EUR for 3 months. Interest rate 21% annual. Loan period of 3 months. Interest rate 21%, secured debt.

Repayment schedule:

Monthly on the 1st day of each month.

Loan purpose:

Financing of carrying out of the first transit shipment (2 - 3 months). Repayment of Principal Loan In full at the end of the loan period.

The future of the project and long term cooperation:

Once the total amount of loan is repaid, SIA "SL BŪVE" is open to discuss further cooperation opportunities.