Become an affiliate

We are happy to share the great news. Monethera launched its own affiliate program. Now you can make money not only by investing in our premium-level opportunities but also by sharing your experience with other people. The simplicity and quality of investments made with Monethera speak louder than words.

New age, new opportunities.

At some point in a project’s life cycle, most entrepreneurs decide to look for external financing. For a long time, the necessary funding was only available through traditional banks, and often professionals had to wait for weeks - or in many cases, months - for a decision. Sometimes the response was that funding could not be provided due to the company’s circumstances. Occasionally banks would ask the entrepreneur to pledge some of their property in order to justify the risks to the venture. As a result, many promising projects, founded on superb ideas, never received the chance to be brought to life.

Now, however, the ‘Age of Information’ and the internet have re-addressed the balance of power. Monethera and other crowdfunding platforms have helped thousands of talented entrepreneurs receive funding without the excessive stress and difficulties associated with traditional banks. Crowdfunding puts your project directly in front of a pool of investors from all over the world. With help from Monethera, finding the investments you need has never been faster or simpler. All you need to do is present your investment project to us, apply for a senior loan, bridge or equity financing, and you may find that it is fully funded within 24 hours or sooner. Some projects manage to gain their funding within an hour!

How it works?

  1. Register on Monethera website.
  2. Use online form or send the application to [email protected] including full description of the project, to present your investment opportunity to Monethera
  3. Wait until Monethera contacts you.
  4. Accept Monethera’s offer and conclude the contract.
  5. Monitor crowdfunding campaign for your project at Monethera website.
  6. Receive the funding and launch your project!