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What is crowdinvesting?

By Monethera

06 Aug 2019

At first glance, crowdinvesting is similar to crowdfunding and in fact they have identical principles. However, there are important differences. Let's see what's wrong...

From the private fund to the crowdinvesting platform

By Monethera

05 Aug 2019

Before Monethera, our team launched a private investment fund. There were several areas of activity. Among them...

How does buyback work?

By Monethera

05 Aug 2019

In the previous article, we told how Monethera selects projects. We minimize risks already at this stage through a comprehensive analysis. However, some projects have poor results after launch...

Best areas to invest in 2019

By Monethera

04 Sep 2019

A stable future is impossible without a competent investment in the present. Suppose you have a certain amount of money to invest. Of course, you could put it in a bank for saving it from inflation. But it's not enough...

TOP-5 books for the beginner investor

By Monethera

10 Oct 2019

There are no magic pills, and the first thing you have to do is to learn how your money works. After this, you can manage your life through a stable cash flow and a correct investment strategy.